RDX Ankle Foot Support Brace

  • RDX
  • Brand:  RDX
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Step into top performance and stay cool with this high-tech RDX support. Featuring innovative design and advanced breathable Coolmax material for dry comfort. The RDX support has a Physiological 3D knitted class II Compression and multidirectional elastic fabric. Integrated Coolmax material regulates body temperature to provide a dry and pleasant feeling on the skin. a new generation of breathable compression material designed for optimal comfort and compression during extended wear. The grid and channel pattern of CoolMax greatly improves the functionality and performance of the braces. A new generation material with remarkable anti-bacterial properties effective against bacteria that cause odor. Anatomically engineered for aero-dynamic fit and protection without weight. It effectively reduces the possibility of overstretching and decreases the chance of muscle strain injuries. Athletes can wear it for a longer period of time and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of bracing. Which helps to reduce pain and improve blood circulation aids in the reduction of swelling and provides temporary pain relief. The Sleeve is suitable for sprains, strains, muscle fatigue, Oedematous and so on.... One Size fits all.(THIS IS SOLD AS SINGLE ITEM)

  • Step into top performance and stay cool with this high-tech RDX support
  • Featuring innovative design and advanced breathable Coolmax material
  • Reduces the possibility of overstretching & decreases strain injuries
  • One size fits all, suitable for sprains, strains,fatigue,Oedematous & so on
  • Innovative material based on the kinetics theories, Sold as Single Unit

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